What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism enlightenment, love, balance, and spiritual peaceThe answer to that question like every philosophy or religion it depends on who you ask. To me it is the relationship an individual has with God, the universal powers for good, and spirit. What is unique we embrace those who look to an infinite power in the universe filled with love, light, and everything good regardless of the name they attach to that source.

Like any group perspectives vary with each of us. However we strive to respect people's individuality in the pursuit to find enlightenment, love, balance, and spiritual peace. Personally  to me is the church that unites the plains of life, spirit, and eternity with our human experience. We communicate with spirit and incorporate it in our services. We are spirits having a human experience striving towards perfection and enlightenment here on earth until we return home.

There we receive our reward and dwell with loved ones we longed to see again. Until then we use our abilities to serve God and spirit to bring healing, comfort, communication, and inner peace to those around us who seek our help.